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The earliest credible evidence of the knowledge of coffee trees and coffee drinking appears mid-15th century in southern Arabia. It wasn’t until 1615 that Europe was formally introduced to coffee.

Venetian traders, who had established trading links with the Middle East, started to import coffee into Italy. Once in Europe, the consumption of coffee soon spread; however the introduction of coffee into Europe was not without controversy…

A group of Christians tried to have coffee banned; they approached the Pope of the time, Pope Clement VIII, claiming that coffee was the drink of Satan’s followers, and that Christians who drank it might lose their souls to the Devil. But before the Pope would ban coffee, he insisted on tasting it. After drinking his first cup, he claimed that such a flavoursome drink could not be the work of Satan and instead declared that coffee should be baptised to make it a true Christian drink.

Coffee houses have long been a place of social gathering, where for the price of coffee, anyone could venture. With public knowledge as to the health benefits of coffee increasing, and coffee being significantly cheaper to drink than beer, coffee houses began replacing the tavern as the meeting place of choice. Tavern owners were not impressed, nor the only group to attack coffee; women were upset that their men would spend more time at the coffee house than at home with them!

You are welcome to come and join us for a cup of coffee, a light meal, or a sweet treat at any time. We take pride in our service and the quality of the products you’ll find at GB Coffee. We roast our own coffee inhouse, so you can be assured that the coffee you’re drinking is fresh and of the highest quality.

For an enjoyable coffee experience in Shepparton, we look forward to seeing you at GB Coffee.

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

- Albert Eintein

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